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Characters: Julia Ann - The fitness models; Ana Foxxx - Fitness Class Participant "I'm late! I'm late! Julia is going to be so mad at me! Again!" Ana thought to herself as she grabbed her gym bag from the backseat. She scrambled out of her car, slammed the car door shut and ran up the stairs to the gym door. Ana could see that the class had already started. "Crap." Ana sighed sexy girls. Ana composed herself, opened the door as quietly as she could and tried to sneak into the class. With the dance music blaring, Julia had the girls working up a real sweat! "Ladies! No pain, no gain!" Julia would shout over the music. Julia Ann was a retired drill Sargent and she was tough as nails! She didn't take crap from anyone, especially from her students. When she retired from the Army, she decided to open up a gym in the Los Angeles area. Julia always maintained a strict fitness regiment. And she expected her students to do likewise. Ana Foxxx decided to sign up for Julia's class as she was going to get married in 6 months time and she wanted to look good for her future husband on their wedding day. As Ana tried to sneak in, she managed to bump into a chair, causing a screeching noise. Julia, hearing the screech, turned off the radio and turned around. "Miss Foxxx? Late again?" Julia shouted. "Sorry." Ana said. "Sorry who?" Julia asked fit girls. "Sorry Miss Ann!" Ana said as she rolled her eyes. "Miss Foxxx! Don't you roll your eyes at me! The class is almost over and you dare disrupt my class! I will see you after the class is over! Please wait for me in my office!" Julia shouted to Ana as she turned the music back on. After the class was over, Julia went into her office to speak to Ana. "Miss Foxxx! Why did you sign up for my class in the first place?" Julia asked. "Well, Miss Ann, my wedding day is 6 months away and I wanted to look good for my future husband." said Ana toned girls. "Is that so? To me, it sure doesn't seem that way!" said Julia. "You paid me to get you into shape and that's what I am going to do!" added Julia. "You have missed at least 3 classes now and tonight, we're going to make it up! Do you understand me, Miss Foxxx?" shouted Julia. "But I can't! I have to meet my fiance later on!" said Ana. "Well, you better cancel your date if you want to be ready for your wedding!" said Julia. "Yes Miss Ann." said Ana. "Okay. That's better! Call your fiance and once you're done, meet me in the gym!" said Julia. Julia left her office and went to the gym. Ana called her fiance and explained the situation to him. She then left the office and headed to the gym. Once entering the gym, Ana saw that Julia had already set up the equipment. "Are you ready?" asked Julia. "Yep!" said Ana. "Yep?" questioned Julia. "Yes Miss Ann." replied Ana. "That's better!" said Julia. "Come over here, Miss Foxxx healthy fit girls tumblr!" asked Julia. Ana walked over to the leg curl machine. "We're going to be doing some leg curls, Miss Foxxx! Are you ready?" asked Julia. "Yes Miss Ann!" replied Ana. "Stomach on the bench, Miss Foxxx!" commanded Julia. Ana climbed onto the bench and placed both her legs underneath the curling bar. "What should we start with? How about 25 lbs?" asked Julia. "I think that's going to be too much! I can only do 20!" replied Ana. "No pain, no gain! 25 it is!" barked Julia. Julia then set the leg curl machine to 25 lbs. "Okay, young lady! Begin!" commanded Julia. Ana started to contract her legs as she tried to lift the weights. She was only able to lift the bar halfway. "That's too heavy!" groaned Ana. "Too heavy? Listen! Might I remind you that your wedding is 6 months away, Missy! Look at your legs! They're so flabby! C'mon Missy! Again!" commanded Julia. Ana tried again and this time, she managed to make 1 curl. "Uggh!" Ana groaned again. "One! C'mon! Another one!" counted Julia perfect girls. Ana lowered the bar and attempted to make another curl. "It's too heavy!" screamed Ana. "Quitter!" Julia yelled as she gave Ana a smack on the behind. "What was that for?" yelled Ana. "Motivation!" replied Julia. "I'm outta here! And I'm going to sue you and I want my money back! I paid you good money to get me into shape for my wedding and this is the treatment I get!" Ana yelled back. Julia realized that she might have gone too far. "Okay! Okay! I'm sorry!" said Julia pretty girl. "You have to realize that it's my job to get you into the best shape you can be and when I see you coming in late, I think that you're not committed and that drives me crazy!" replied Julia. "I have to apologize as well. With my wedding coming up and issues at work, it may seem that I'm not committed into getting into shape! But really I am!" replied Ana. "Want to try again? From the top this time and we'll go at your pace. Sounds good?" asked Julia. "From the top!" smiled Ana. "Okay. May I call you Ana?" asked Julia. "Sure!" replied Ana hot sexy girls. "Okay Ana. I'm Julia. I'll be your trainer and we'll get you toned for your upcoming wedding." said Julia. "Sounds great, Julia!" replied Ana. "Ana, we're going to do some leg curls first." said Julia horny girls. "Alright! What do I do sexy nangi girl?" asked Ana. "Climb onto the bench. Lay on your stomach and hook your ankles underneath the curl bar." said Julia. Ana nodded and did as Julia asked. "What weight do you want to try first?" asked Julia. "How about 20 pounds?" replied Ana. "Okay! 20 pounds it is!" said athletic girls. Julia proceeded to set the leg curl machine to 20 pounds. "Now, take it slow! We don't want to injure anything!" Julia said. Ana began to contract her legs and she was able to curl the weight. "One! Good!" Julia exclaimed. "Two! Excellent!" "Three!" Ana managed to curl the weight 10 times. "Whew! That was actually pretty good!" exclaimed Ana. "Did you feel the burn?" asked Julia as she placed her hands onto Ana's calves. "I sure did!" Ana said. "You should have also felt it here as well." Julia said as she placed her hand onto the back of Ana's thigh. "Here as well!" Julia said as she slid her hand onto Ana's buttock. "Sorry." said Julia. "it's okay." replied Ana. "Let's continue!" said Julia. "Now! Let's try some leg squeezes!" exclaimed Julia. "Over here, Ana!" Julia asked as she waved Ana to another machine. Ana walked over to Julia. "Have a seat." Julia requested. Ana took a seat on the bench and placed her feet onto the bars. "What you have to do is to squeeze your thighs together. This will also help tone your legs." Julia said. "Have a go without the weights first and get a feel of what you have to do." said Julia fitness girls Ana squeezed her thighs together. "What do you think?" asked Julia. "Not bad." replied Ana. "How about adding some weights? Say, 15 ponds, to start?" asked Julia. "Alright." replied Ana sexy girls. Julia added 15 pounds to the machine and stepped back. "Okay. Give it a try, Ana." Julia said. Ana squeezed her thighs together and it was tougher this time around. "Whoa!" exclaimed Ana. "A little tougher, isn't it?" smiled Julia. "Yep!" replied Ana. "Can you do 9 more or should I lessen the weight?" asked Julia. "Nope! I'll try 9 more!" exclaimed Julia. "That's my sexy girls!" Julia said. Ana managed to complete 9 more reps and by the time she was finished, beads of sweat were glistening off her body. "You should have felt it here." as Julia placed a hand on Ana's inner thigh. Julia, unconsciously, began stroking Ana's inner thigh. "Yes. I sure did!" replied Ana, as she quickly moved her thigh away from Julia's hand. "Okay. Let's take a water break!" said Julia. "Cool! I could use some water." replied Ana. Ana got up from the bench and walked to her gym bag. She reached in and pulled out her water bottle. She then took a long drink. Meanwhile, Julia went back into her office and grab her bottle of water. She also took a long drink as well. Ana put her water bottle back into bag and when she stood up, she felt a slight pull on her back. "Owww!" exclaimed Ana fitness girls. Julia, hearing Ana, came out of her office quickly. "What's wrong, Ana?" asked Julia when she saw Ana grab her lower back. "I think I pulled or twisted something! Shoot!" shouted Ana. "Turn around. Slowly!" Julia asked. Ana, with her left hand on her lower back, turned slowly around. Julia placed her hand onto Ana's back and asked Ana where it hurt. "Ahhh! Right there!" exclaimed Ana hot ass picture tumblr " said Julia. Julia helped Ana over to the massage table and gingerly, Ana climbed onto the table, stomach down. "Ana. I'll be right back!" Julia said. Julia quickly went back to her office and brought out some medicinal massage oil. "Since you were able to climb onto the table, the damage is only very slight." Julia said. "I can make your back feel a lot better by giving you a massage. Is that okay?" asked Julia. "Sounds okay." replied Ana. "Ana. I'll have to close the gym and blinds. I don't want anyone looking in on us." Julia said. "Okay. Sounds good." Ana said. After locking the door to the gym and drawing the blinds close, Julia walked back to the massage table. "I have to remove your shirt. I don't want to stain it. Is that okay?" asked Julia. "That's okay round butt ass. " replied Ana. Julia reached under Ana's shirt, slid it up and slowly removed it. Julia then opened the lid of the massage oil and poured some into her hand. She then applied the oil onto Ana's back. At the same time, Julia began blowing softly onto the oil. This created a cooling affect of the oil onto Ana's skin. "How does that feel?" asked Julia. "Ohh! Tingly! And it smells nice! athletic girls feel much better already!" exclaimed Ana. "Good! Ana? You have such soft and smooth skin!" said Julia. "Thanks Julia!" replied Ana. Julia continued to massage Ana's back, until she reached Ana's sports bra. "Ana? Do you mind if we remove your sports bra? I don't want to stain it as well." Julia asked. "If it would help, sure!" Ana replied. "Absolutely, it would help!" Julia said. "Can you sit up?" asked Julia. "I'll see." replied Ana sexy girls. Ana proceeded to sit up. The discomfort seemed to have lessen. Julia then proceeded to help Ana remove her sports bra. "Now back onto your stomach, Ana. I'm not done yet." Julia said. Ana laid back down and Julia continued to massage her back. "How does your back feel now?" asked Julia. "It feels great. I believe that you were able to untwist the twist! Thanks Julia!" said Ana, with a smile. "You're welcome!" replied Julia as she continued to massage Ana's hot girl gone wild. Julia then continued up her back and is now, massaging Ana's shoulders. "Do you mind if I massage your upper back and shoulders?" Julia asked. "It does feel good sexy girls get naughty! Why not and thanks again!" replied Ana. Julia continued to massage Ana's upper back and shoulders. "You're welcome again." said Julia. "Ana! Do you want me to massage your front?" asked Julia. "I'm not sure." replied Ana. "C'mon. Since I was so rude to you earlier, I'll make it up to you. What do you say?" asked Julia. "Okay. Why not? I've had a bad day! Thanks!" replied Ana. "Ana, I give you a hand flipping over." said Julia pretty girl. "Thanks but I can manage. My back's a lot better. Thanks to you!" remarked Ana. Ana flipped onto her front and her arm instinctively covers up her breasts. Julia smiled. "Let's see. Why don't I start at your feet first. Oh! By the way, I'm going to get you a towel to cover up your breasts." said Julia. Julia proceeded to get Ana a towel from her office. "Ana! Why don't you remove your yoga pants? It'll be easier for me to massage your lower half." Julia said from her office. "Okay." Ana replied hot and ass pic . Ana managed to wriggle out of her yoga pants as Julia made her way back to the massage table. "Ana, I'll put your pants over here with your shirt and bra. And here's the towel. Cover yourself please." said Julia. Ana proceeded to lie back down and covered her breasts with the towel. Julia opened up the bottle and squirted some oil onto her palm. While doing so, Julia walked towards the end of the table. She rubbed her hands together to mix the oil. Julia then placed her hands onto Ana's right foot. She massaged in between the toes and the sole of the foot. "Ummm. That feels so good!" Ana whispered. Julia repeated the same technique on Ana's left foot. "You're amazing, Julia!" exclaimed Ana fitness girls. "Why. thank you Ana!" replied Julia. "Ana. I'm going to slide up your legs now. Okay?" asked Julia. "Sure!" Ana said, excitedly. Julia proceeded to apply more oil onto both of Ana's lower and upper leg areas. She began to massage up Ana's right leg until she reached Ana's panties. "Such pretty panties." Julia said. "Thanks!" Ana replied. "Ana? I think you should remove your panties. I don't want to stain them." asked Julia. "I'm not sure." replied Ana. "We're all toned girls here. C'mon." Julia said. "Okay." Ana replied. "Here! I'll help you." Julia said. Julia proceeded to remove Ana's panties and then she placed them by Ana's shirt, bra and yoga pants. Julia also removed the towel that was covering Ana's breasts. Ana seemed at ease now. "Wow! You're shaved! Very pretty!" exclaimed Julia. "You're embarrassing me, Julia!" Ana said "Sorry but your pussy is indeed beautiful!" remarked Julia. "Can we get back to massage, please?" asked Ana. "Alright." replied Julia, with a smile. Julia continued to massage Ana's right leg as she proceeded back down Ana's leg. Switching to Ana's left leg, Julia applied more oil and the massage continued. When Julia reached Ana's pubic region, she accidentally rubbed Ana's vaginal lips. "Hey!" Ana exclaimed. "Sorry. Just a slip!" replied Julia. "You do have a beautiful pussy!" Julia added. "Have you ever had a happy ending?" asked Julia. "What's that?" Ana inquired sexy girl with great asses. "Well! A happy ending to a massage is an extra bit to really relax the customer. On the house. Besides, I owe you!" Julia said. "Will it hurt?" asked Ana. "Definitely not. Let's try. Okay?" Julia said. "Okay." whispered Ana. "Now, close your eyes." Julia said. Ana closed her eyes as Julia walked up to the top of the table. "Keep them closed." said Julia. Julia began to remove her shirt and sports bra. Julia bends over Ana and begins to kiss Ana's lips very gently. Ana can feel Julia's naked breasts on her chest and her soft lips caressing her own lips. "Ohhhh!" Ana whispered. "Does that feel nice?" asked Julia. "Yes." Ana said softly. Julia began to kiss Ana a little harder as her tongue began to explore Ana's lips. Julia's tongue darted softly into Ana's mouth, her tongue began exploring and teasing Ana's tongue as well. "Mmmmmm." Ana moaned, quietly. Julia began to nuzzle Ana's neck with soft kisses, as her left hand began to explore Ana's body. Julia cupped Ana's right breast and fondled it ever so gentle. She brushed the nipple with her index finger that caused Ana to shudder slightly. "Mmmmmm!" Ana moaned a little louder. Julia then moved down to Ana's left breast and began to tongue to outside of the breast. "Mmmmmm!" Ana moaned, excitedly. Julia began working her way to Ana's nipple as she caressed Ana's aerola with her tongue. Julia, with her expertise, gently flicked Ana's nipple with her tongue. "MMMMMMMM!" exclaimed Ana Julia moved to Ana's right nipple where she kissed and teased the bud to excitement. "MMMMMMM!" Ana moaned again. Julia then laid kisses down Ana's stomach towards her pussy. At the same time, she continued to fondle Ana's nipple. Ana continued to moan. Julia began to kiss and lick the outside of Ana's pussy lips. "Julia!" exclaimed Ana as she lifted her head to see what Julia was doing. "Shhhh. Just lie back and enjoy." Julia said softly. Ana did as she was told. As Julia began to lick and kiss Ana's pussy lips harder, Ana let out a shudder of pleasure. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Ana moaned louder. Julia moved to Ana's clit and began to slowly tease and lick it. More moans from Ana were heard. Julia began to lick Ana's clit harder and Ana moaned and moaned with delight. Julia continued until Ana's body stiffened with ecstasy. "Wow!" Ana exclaimed after an amazing orgasm. "Nobody's done that to me before!" Ana panted. "That was amazing!" Ana further exclaimed. "I'm glad you liked it!" Julia replied as she continued to tease Ana's clit softly with her fingers. Julia then climbed off the table and walked to the top of the massage table. Ana's body was glistening with sweat. Julia bent over and gave Ana a deep and loving kiss. "Happy ending, Ana!" Julia whispered softly in Ana's ear. "Happy ending indeed!" Ana said softly as she smiled back. "See you tomorrow?" Julia asked. "Absolutely!" Ana replied. Both woman put their clothing back on, hugged and kissed one another. Julia opened the gym door to let Ana out. Ana walked past Julia and was given a pat on the behind. Ana smiled back as she left the gym, humming a tune. Julia thought to herself, as she smiled coyly "I wonder what will happen tomorrow."
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